Born and raised in a small town in Germany, I moved to London in September 2011 to study for my MA in Interactive Media at LCC (part of UAL) in London.
As I fell in love with this vibrant city, I decided to stick around. Creating things of high quality and with a purpose makes me happy, but I also love travelling, working out, classic literature, and nature.

Skills and tools

Bespoke App & Web Development

  C++     C#     WPF     openCV     Objective-C     openFrameworks     Processing     Arduino     Raspberry Pi     Kinect     OpenGL     Command Line     Python  

  HTML5     CSS3     JavaScript     jQuery / jQuery mobile / jQuery UI     AJAX     PHP     MySQL    WebGL     Node.js     AngularJS  
and yep, who did not at least try it once: · ActionScript 3.0 ·

Libraries & Frameworks:
  jQuery / jQuery Mobile     Google APIs     MVC Frameworks     Bootstrap     LESS / SASS  

  Sublime     XCode     Git     Flash / Flash Builder / FlashDevelop  

Graphic Design, Interaction Design & UX

  Photoshop     Illustrator     InDesign     AfterEffects     Premiere     Audacity / Soundbooth     Maya     AutoCAD  

  Lucidchart     Omnigraffle  

From designer to developer

As you can see in my little diagram I come from an artistic/mathematical background. Since the day I was able to hold a pen I drew anything that came to my mind. And unlike all of my classmates I loved doing maths homework or writing tests in that subject. Weird? I know.

In 1999 my mum took part in a computer course to learn some coding, first HTML, later PHP. As a result, I wrote my very first line of code in the age of 9 and I immediately fell in love with the concept of coding to create something big with the help of a few lines of text.

I considered myself as too stupid, though, for being able to program, hence I focused on my passion in art and design. Nevertheless, I did not want to turn my back on the coding world completely, hence I chose a BA course that included a tiny bit of web design. During my BA in Applied Media Economics / Digital Design I worked as an intern at OJALA WERKE in Berlin and as a freelancer in my free time. I mainly gained experience in graphic design but also in web development.

In the first half of 2011 I moved to Barcelona for a work placement at Grapa.ws, an Interactive Agency. I deepened my knowledge in web design and development and realised my Bachelor thesis and project in cooperation with the agency.

I love coding, too!

My MA course which I started in October 2011 helped me continuing my path in my second passion: coding. Even though I keep track of the new web technologies, I am also very interested in mobile app development, generative art, and even more in the potential of physical computing. My first job in London at Engage Works Ltd gave me the chance to live out exactly that, we created numerous bespoke interactive, real-time applications – be it for interactive installation booths or large collaborative work environments.

In Summer 2015, I then took the next step and founded my own company, Wunderding Ltd, to appease my thirst for the new operating as a freelance Interaction Designer and Interactive Developer.